Online Work

Expressing, Connecting, Sharing

Commissioned by the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Three 8-minute documentary shorts, from the Senior Chinese Storytelling Project Series. Told from the perspective of Chinese-Canadian seniors, members of the Regent Park art community of Toronto.




Walking the Wave Parade: At the Pan Am Path Art Relay

Commisioned by Lakeshore Arts.

Canada | 2015 | 5m45s

A showcase of community artwork created at Lakeshore Arts for the 2015 PanAm Art Relay.

Walking Wave Parade (Full Version)

Walking Wave Parade (Abridged Version)

More Works

Ge’ez: Life of a Dead Language | 2013 | 7m9s | Profile about Ge’ez, an endangered Ethiopian language.

Joanna | 2012 | 4 mins | Profile of Quebec artist Joanna Nash at her Arundel studio.

Green Bean Landscape Design | 2012 | 2mins | Profile of Toronto landscape designer Nicolette Linton.

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